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The Group

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Promotional & Digital marketing

Custom Solutions actively helps its clients increase their sales by designing programs for the recruitment and retention of clients, and for motivating sales networks. Thanks to their extensive market experience, Custom Solutions experts design and implement innovative, personalised and effective national and pan European marketing campaigns. Your campaign is supported every step of the way, from marketing advice to statistical analysis through the operational roll-out of the entire operation.

Custom Solutions Europe

Promotional marketing in Europe

Custom Solutions Europe (CSE) is the branch in charge of the deployment of Custom Solutions offers across Europe. To satisfy each country's needs and to remain ever closer of the brands and consumers, CSE is established in strategic European capitals. The branch works in collaboration with the experts of the group, in order to offer its clients a wide range of solutions and services.

The Group Gecip

database, CRM, Information systems

Custom Solutions GECIP is specialised in data management, analysis and evaluation. The team, composed of network managers, development engineers and senior chief project technicians, are experts in database management, information system design and the launch of CRM programs.

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The group Flexistart

Leisure activities bonuses, fixed fees fullfilment

With 26 years experience in the French market, Flexistart offers over 50 different "Key in Hand" leisure offers thanks to a network of over 950 partners. These"Experiences" allow brands to reward their customers with substantially higher perceived value offers, chosen in line with the brand's image, whilst being 100% guaranteed within budget.

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The group Q3

Viral & Social marketing

Q3 is the French market leader in Advocacy Marketing Platforms (AMP's). The Q3 Platform enables brands to use Q3's substantial existing customer network & recommendations, to optimise the performance of their marketing levers at no additional cost. The Q3 tool, composed of of 6 complimentary modules, it can be 100% personalised and configured to meet the specific needs of each client.

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The group Lojaali

Web & mobile promotional solutions

Lojaali, the interactive marketing agency has recognised expertise in digital promotion within leading brands in the Scandinavian Market. Amongst other things it provides its clients with innovative incentive mechanisms and 100% paperless loyalty schemes.

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The group Neo Data

Web development, back-office solutions

NéoData are acutely aware that cost reduction of tasks such as document processing, back office tasks and data processing are essential to increasing competitivity. Their objective is to accompany their clients through the aquisition and manipulation cycle of consumer data, not to mention web development too. NéoData boasts a team of over 80 employees, committed to qualitative results in a "total integration" approach to client organisation, process and methods.

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Retail loyalty solutions

As an Engagement Marketing agency, highten enables its clients to engage their retail networks or their consumers to do MORE for them.
To sell MORE, to train MORE, to recommend MORE, to buy MORE…in order to maximize brands ROI.
highten offers two types of solutions: client experience audits and tailor-made marketing campaigns.
Our fundamentals: the commitment journeys, the hyper customization and the gamification.

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E-business accelerator

ADVERTISE ME is a digital agency that develops innovative technology to the benefit of digital features for performance.

The agency has more than 1000 clients that are mainly in France and Italy, but also in Spain and Belgium.   

Its proprietary solutions allow to meet the objectives of all kinds of advertisers – commercial websites or not – in their problematics of qualified traffic, adress conquest, leadership or optimization of the conversions on commercial websites. The whole solutions are gathered inside a single technology unit.

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Marketing and mobile CRM

Audience+ partners its clients in defining and setting up the mobile strategy. As an expert in mobile technologies, the company edits the solution named Audience+ Enterprise, a unique platform for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), using and creating interactive push notifications on mobile, along with web pushes. The Audience+ expertise allows every brand or device to establish an ultra-personalized dialogue with an end-user, based on their preferences and their behavioural data, in real time.

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